Life as an unsuccessful artist

I know this title sounds kinda harsh, but I was wondering, how many of you artists feel this way? You try to have a business, do commissions, try to get more followers on social media, see how every other artist is progressing and feeling like you are not moving forward?

Well, this is my case. I see that sometimes I do move forward and am a little bit successful, but its just a tiny bit. I tend to want to rush things and want to see results right away and I realized that is when the feeling of failure becomes stronger. Sometimes I just want to give up, leave everything behind and stop trying to make something work.

That moment is when I realize that each failure just gets you closer to your success. Other people might seem more successful than you are, and that is only what works for them, what they as individuals need at the moment.

Sometimes (most of the times) things don’t go the way we want them to, but that happens because it is just not part of God’s plan, YET. This is what I’ve been telling myself this whole time and sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

***This kind of experience not only happens to artists, but to everyone in this life. Lets think about an example of someone who has been trying to have a baby but they need to take medication that makes it too risky to have a baby, and not taking the medication means getting in a dangerous situation that will affect you and your family emotionally and physically. Or a person who has bipolar disorder and needs medication to have a normal life, but they haven’t found the right medication yet and keep having the symptoms of the psychological issue, while each time that they try something new, have to face the side effects that come with the medicine.

These things do happen, and sometimes not only one at the time but a lot of them together. It is hard to keep trying, keep going… It is exhausting and failure sometimes is just too depressing to get back up.

I think even though we have to face these situations, there is always hope. Faith that everything will turn out okay, faith that everything you have to go through right now will help you to learn something that will help other people in the future, faith that you’ll be successful one day and that every tear, every feeling of depression and anxiety, every feeling of loneliness and hopelessness, everything WILL BE WORTH IT when you finally get the blessing that you’ll be working so hard to get.

I believe that God is watching over us, He loves us and understands how tough life can get, and the most important thing, He has a plan, a marvelous plan for each one of us. We just need to be willing to trust Him and never stop trying.

Life is hard, and like I said, it is hard to get back up but I have faith that all will be worth it.


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