Drawing an Apple

I have been very busy so far this week. I got another client that wanted me to do a portrait (which I’m working on), had tons of readings to do for my Pakistan class (a foundations class that I need to take to be able to graduate), and I had my digital illustration class yesterday where I learned tons about Photoshop, things and little tricks I didn’t know.

The teacher taught us how to make brushes, and part of the homework assignment was to create our own 10 brushes that we’ll be using during the semester. I’ve realized I really like to paint with dry media brushes, I think its because I love how the textures look, like crayon, chalk, canvas, etc.

Anyway, part of my homework assignment for tomorrow was to paint an apple. *Funny story: after the teacher told us about the assignment someone asked, “does the painting have to be done traditionally?” And obviously the teacher said, “it’s a DIGITAL illustration class!”

When the teacher told us about the assignment I immediately thought: okay, I’ll paint an apple and shade it… But I got home and mentioned the assignment to my husband, and he said, “Everyone is going to draw an apple, you need to think about what everyone will do and then do the opposite.”

I thought about it for a day, and an idea came to my head! This is what it was:


I created textured brushes for the background, the apple, the hair, the water, even the bubbles are created with a brush (although I wanted to do a white border around them and I didn’t know how to do it for each one automatically so I had to do it manually! Every-single-bubble! I know, I know, there must be an easier way and I’ll find out once I show this to my teacher tomorrow.)



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