Abstract Painting

I did this painting in October-November for a class… And I want to tell you the story behind it… (See below)

abstract 2.jpg

I was having problems with a really bad anxiety throughout the semester, it was pretty tough to go to class and do the assignments at the moment. For this class, I was supposed to do a analogous painting. (For the ones who don’t know what that is, it is two use two or three color that are together in the color wheel). In this case I used red, orange and yellow. color-wheel.png

I wanted to do an illustration but it was very difficult for me to do a sketch or even think about doing one because of the condition I was in emotionally, so I decided to do an oil painting.

The day I decided to work on it, I wasn’t feeling well, so my husband took me to work with him and put me in a little room where I wouldn’t bother anyone. I took my canvas, paint and my easel. (A lot of paper towels as well because I always make a mess with oil paint).

I told myself “Just put paint on the canvas, don’t plan ahead, just paint”. I started using a dark red and making lines all around the canvas. Then I used a bright red, then orange, and yellow at last.

I really didn’t know what I was doing until I started putting the yellow on the canvas. I said to my self “this is going to represent the light coming from the sky in the middle of the darkness”. So that’s what I did.

When I finally finished, I felt so much better, my anxiety got better.

It took forever to the painting to get dry. I’m talking about maybe two months!

Now, I put the painting in my living room… Last week  my husband, Noah told me “Do you see the man in the painting?” I and was like “What?!” And he said “Yeah! the man that you painted with the yellow squares”. It took me a while, but I finally saw it:


Noah’s words after we both saw the man were “See? You are showing through your painting what your feelings are! There is a figure pleading to God for help! See what you can do? You are an artist, and you don’t even know how good you are.”

I just wanted to tell this story because I thought is was an interesting one. Sometimes our minds are sending signals or what our feelings and heart is telling us, and we need to be perceptive and realize that.


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