Internship ~ Days 33 & 34

This is officially the last day of my internship!

I met with my mentor for the last time, yesterday. We had a pretty good conversation about art and how to be a freelance illustrator. He gave me really good advice to what I should look forward now that I’m done illustrating these books.

I also showed him the rest of my illustrations for Shar’s book and he gave me some suggestions on how to make them better. These are the final images for the ones I changed:

On this one, I added the silhouette to the background.
I changed the shape of the lightning and made her bigger and closer to him.
I changed the color of her crib to yellow, and played around with the values so that they would work better. 
I changed the color of the back of the bassinet and took care of some tangents.
I added a different color on the back of the grandma’s hair to give a sense of depth. 

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