Internship ~ Days 25 & 26

During these days I kept working on Shar’s book. I met with my mentor today and showed him all the progress I’ve done so far and he told me to fix a couple things, but overall I’ve done a good job. I’ll post here the images I changed/fixed.

I’ve been very stressed out for the book I’m doing right now. The images don’t take to long to illustrate but I feel that there is a lot of empty space around the people that I’m illustrating. Rebecca told me to do the illustrations as simple as possible because I just need to get them done before September 10. If I keep doing two illustrations a day, I will hopefully finish all of them by Wednesday of next week.

I can’t believe the internship is almost over, I’ve learned so much about being responsible and scheduling my time well. I have had stressful days when I’ve woken up with no desire of working and somehow managed to get everything done for the day.

I think this internship has help me to prove myself that I can do anything I need to do if I manage my time properly. This internship has been different than others because I have had to be my own boss and set up a time to work and follow that schedule every single day.

I’ve learned how to follow what Rebecca has asked me to do. I’ve been proactive and doing things she didn’t expect me to get done so fast. The reason why I ended up doing 3 books instead of one is because I’ve been doing my job so fast that I have had plenty of time to work on other books. I’m very proud of myself for all the things I’ve learned about life, a job, and illustration.

These are the illustrations I’ve done:

page 4

page 4-with-background
I put a background on this one because that is what my mentor suggested so that the couple don’t look like they are floating. However, I need to ask Rebecca what she wants me to do about it because she might want to put text around it.

page 6page 7page 8


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