Internship ~ Day 24

I worked really hard today. I’m exhausted. I edited all the images that my mentor told me to, and I also did two more illustrations for Shar’s book.

It is crazy to see how this works. I get really tired when I’m done illustrating for the day, but while I’m doing it, I can’t even feel the time passing because I enjoy what I do so much. Someone told me once that when you chose a major, you need to chose something that you could do the rest of your life and will enjoy it and not feel the time passing. I’m glad I found what makes me happy and chose the right thing to study. I supposed that with time I’ll get used to it and I won’t get as tired as I get right now.

Here are all the illustrations I worked on today:

On this one I changed the opacity of the dots on the butterfly’s wings. I also put the flowers on the ground at different heights. I changed the water. I made the dirt a darker value so we could see better the flowers.
page 1
On this one I added more bees and in different places (around the whole image). I made the middle flower closer to the left one and started grouping things: two flowers with chicken, tomatoes with pumpkin, chicken with flower and carrot.


page 2
On this one I changed the color of the red head girl’s legs (added tights) because the values weren’t working well. I changed the position of the leg and foot for the lady with the watering can.
page 3
I changed the view from the bowl (added the back part of it). I changed the hand.
Page 4
I made the swing thinner, and also the dots of the chains. I changed the perspective on the kids’ legs and shorts. I added bushes and a texture on the ground.
page 5
I changed the name “store” to “grocery store”. I made the cart thinner and not as dark.
I made their heads bigger (as they are in the original drawing).

page 2page 3



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