Internship ~ Day 22

Today I went to see an advisor that helped me review my resume. He told me that I’ve done a really good job so far, and that I’m getting a lot of experience in my area and that that is very good for a resume. I got home and did the changes he told me to do.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to illustrate children’s books. This has always being my dream because I’ve always liked children illustrations and I always wanted to do ones of my own and sell them in a book. Now I’m finally starting making that dream come true! It has been a long way so far, I’ve been illustrating for hours every single day, only resting in the weekends. I feel that I’ve grown so much as an artist. Before this internship, I thought I could do it, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it and do a good job. After this last 5 weeks, I’ve proved myself I can do hard things and that I should trust the abilities that I have. Rebecca and my other client have been liking a lot my illustrations, and that makes me feel very accomplished. I know that in the future I’ll run into people that will be very picky with my art, and I need to be ready for that. Meanwhile I just need to keep doing what I love and getting more experience.

I wonder what I’m going to do once I graduate in a year. I have no idea what kind of job I’ll get or what I’ll do. Somehow these opportunities to illustrate children’s books came up without me even looking for them, and that has been a really big blessing. I feel somewhat scared of what the future will bring, but I need to remember what my mentor has told me, I’m getting the experience already, I’m doing it, and that’s what counts. This will open the doors for other jobs in the future and I’m excited for it even though I’m so nervous.

Today I talked with Rebecca and she asked me if I would be willing to illustrate a third book, which is 19 pages long. I only have 13 days left of my internship and I don’t know if it will be enough time. I still need to work on the last two illustrations for the book for my other client and I feel a lot of pressure to do this. I want to do it because I would have had illustrated 3 books for Humanity Books, however I’m scared that it will consume my whole time, even my breaks. I told Rebecca I was going to think about it and I’ll give her an answer later on tonight.

Today I worked on another illustration for Natasha’s book (the book I’m working on right now). It is only 5 pages long, however I’ve put a lot of effort on each page as I’ve done with all my other illustrations. Here it is:

DSC03461.JPGPage 4


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