Internship ~ Day 19

I worked on another page of the book today. I’m exhausted! It took me around 3 hours to finish it, but those were intense! I was trying to put details and make the people look like people and because I’m not used to doing a lot of things going on at the same time, I didn’t know how to focus on one thing because I was already thinking about the other. I’m done though!

In the original drawing the plants are taller than the people so I kept those same proportions. With this one I tried to keep the original idea as intact as possible. I even used the same colors and hair and other stuff. The only think that I can see is out of place is the sun that on the original drawing is in the right but mine is in the left. I did that to balance the image.

I realized that the little girl who drew the book really likes using yellow! It is very interesting because my favorite color is yellow as well. I think the book is going to look pretty good at the end, I’m excited to see it all together.

I’m going to meet with Rebecca tomorrow to receive the original books from her so I can work from there.

Here is my illustration:

DSC03458page 2


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