Internship ~ Day 18

I’ve been very stressed out lately because of the things I need to do and finish in the next 3 weeks before my internship ends. It is crazy to see how fast time has past because I’ve been so busy. What I like the most is that even though I’ve been busy and anxious, once I start illustrating, those feelings go away and I just enjoy what I’m doing. I really hope that it keeps happening that way. I’m scared that those feelings will be gone soon and that I’m going to realize I can’t be an illustrator anymore. I think that is just my head messing with me though.

Anyway, I worked on another illustration for the book, and I tried to make it look good and used basically every single idea and color that the original drawing has. I included a background on this one because I wanted to represent what the original drawing had. I hope it still works with everything else.

Also I talked to Rebecca and she was wondering what name do I want her to put in the cover: Sammy Rosero or Sammy Heil. And I told her that Sammy Rosero is my artist’s name and that’s how all people know me as. I hesitated a little bit because I was scared of my mother-in-law getting angry at me because I’m not using my husband’s last name. However, I talked to him and he said that it is better to use the name that everyone knows me for. So we’re sticking with Sammy Rosero. Not even Samantha Rosero, which is my real name. 🙂

Here is the illustration:

DSC03456.JPGpage 1.jpg



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