Internship ~ Day 17

I started a new book today, its name is “The Garden”. The images are very simple but cute. As always, I tried to be a little bit more creative and add my own little touch to it, so I obviously had to give the butterfly a cute looking personality.

I chose the next book I’m going to illustrate after I finish this one, it is a very cute story about a mother and her daughter. I really want it to work well and be just what the little girl that wrote it wants. She drew the mom and the daughter many times but with different skin colors and somehow confusing images because they didn’t much well with the text (I think that the problem might be that the pages are not in order). I emailed Rebecca today asking her about that book but she hasn’t answered back yet.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep working on this book and the other one I’m illustrating for a client. It is kind of hard to organize my time effectively so I can work in both books at the same time, however I managed to make it work today and I’m very proud of it. 🙂

Here are the illustrations I worked on today:


page 2
This time I left room at the bottom for the text that will go on those pages.



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