Internship ~ Days 15 & 16

During these last couple days I took the time to choose which stories I want to illustrate from all the books of many different kids. I chose two, however after I started working on the first couple illustrations of the book, I kept reading the story and realized that there were going to be two people killed and that I would have to draw that. This situation felt very uncomfortable for me because first, it is not my style, and second, I don’t feel comfortable doing themes like that. At the beginning I chose the book because the drawings were interesting because there were many monsters and marsians and the idea of challenging myself to do that sounded fun.

I talked with Rebecca about how I felt about the book and she said that it is fine if I don’t want to do that one, that I can choose another one. However, she also told me that the other two illustrators already chose their books so maybe they might have chosen the other story that I really liked and wanted to illustrate. She said she wasn’t home at the moment and she didn’t remember what stories they chose, but that she was going to let me know once she gets home.

Like I said, I worked on 2 illustrations for that book already, I finished one, but I didn’t finish the second one completely (cover). Here they are:

page 1.jpgcover

I spent over 4 hours doing these two, and it was fun to a certain extent but just knowing how the story ended, didn’t seem likable to me anymore.

I also met with my mentor today and discussed a couple things about the last two paintings I did for Hannah’s book. He told me that the last page was really cute and good, and he gave me some recommendations for the one with the monkey. He said that I should change the values in the tail and make it more like a gradient. He also told me that the monkey needs to have more balance on its weight because of the way he is hanging down. Here are my changes (before and after):


page 7b


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