Internship ~ Day 14

I met with Rebecca today and talked about the book I just finished illustrating.At the beginning she told me that it was going to be just a sample book, however we talked about it today and she said that she is actually going to publish it through Amazon CreateSpace to get some funds for Humanity so that they can keep making more books in the future.

The idea of their project is to sell children’s books written and drawn by the kids to get funds for the children that are refugees. Today she gave me access to the rest of the books from the kids and told me to choose which one I’m going to illustrate. I also told her that if I have the time I can illustrate two of the books and she agreed that that would be a good idea and very helpful for them.

We are also signing a contract to release my images to them and for me to be able to also use the images for self-promotion.

Today I also worked on another book I’m doing for a client. I have already given her the sketches, then the color roughs, and now I’m working on the illustration for the first page. I told her she will have two more revisions after I’m done and after that if she wants more, she will have to pay extra. She was pretty clear that she wanted me to do a lot of puddles on the grass and tree roots because that’s how it actually gets where she lives because it rains a lot. I sent it to her and she just told me that she loves it.

This is the illustration:

page 1


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