Internship ~ Day 13

Today I finished my last illustration for the book! I’m so happy about how it turned out. I got to admit that this illustration got me pretty anxious since last night because it was the one that had the most animals and things going on from all the other illustrations.

Today I woke up feeling nervous about it, and tried to find something that could distract me enough so I could start painting. I started playing music and singing and that helped me to start. It’s pretty nice to be able to listen to music while I paint because it makes the anxiety go away (at least most of it).

For this illustration I had to paint 5 animals. I tried to make them having fun and a relationship to each other while doing one thing each one. I added some leaves to the tree, three layers of grass, clouds and the sun to make it look more full and interesting. I need to admit that I usually like to make things busier than they should be, but I think that is just part of my style and even though it is more complicated and it takes longer, I enjoy the finished result a lot more than when I do something simple. I think I need to learn how to see the beauty in simple paintings, but I realized that it only happens when I am the one making them.

Here is the illustration and the original drawing:


Page 8


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