Internship ~ Day 12


Today Rebecca called and told me that we are going to replace the page of the Wild Kratts with a different one. She sent me the new Hannah’s drawing and I worked on it, the words for that illustration were “All animals look different”. She also asked me to send her all the illustrations that I’ve done so far, so I did. But before sending them to her, I changed the cheetah one because my mentor told me to, he said that the anatomy of the back legs was a little bit weird so he helped me with an outline that would help me fix them. Here are his outline and the final illustration:

page 4c

I did two illustrations today, the one that Rebecca told me to change, and a different one that is part of the book. I only need to finish one more illustration and I’m done with this book. I’m just waiting to see what Rebecca likes or wants me to change.

This are the illustrations I did today with the original drawings:

haanahspage 2b

Rebecca asked me to do some kind of shape around it because at the beginning it was just rectangular.

This is the other one:

hannah8page 7

I tried to keep the original colors for the monkey, however I feel that something is missing… Maybe the values aren’t working, or maybe the monkey is just not supposed to be yellow. But let’s see what Rebecca says.



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