Internship ~ Day 11

Today I got the chance to meet with my mentor again. He first asked me how I’ve been doing this past week, and I told him how I’ve been feeling a little bit anxious because of the things I need to work daily. He told me that he is amazed because even though I’m nervous and feel anxious about illustrating books, I’m still doing it and that says a lot about myself. He told me that there are many other students that reject opportunities like this one because they don’t feel ready to do them. His words helped me a lot because sometimes I feel a little discouraged because I feel too anxious and worried about the illustrations, but when he said that, I realized that what I’m doing is great and I should feel awesome about it. He said that it is normal to feel worried, that even he feels worried sometimes but that is okay.

I also told him that a couple days ago I started feeling nervous about the future and about where I’m going to work or what I’ll be doing in a year from now when I graduate. He said that I’m doing great and that I’m already doing what everyone else would want to be doing. Talking with him today was very uplifting.

After that we started talking about the illustrations I’ve worked on this past week. He told me that they are very cute and good, although he still gave me some suggestions.

For the octopus, he told me that the tentacles look too busy and that I should make the ones in the back lighter instead of darker. He also told me to simplify the ink a little bit if I still feel that it is not working. This is the end result:

Page 5b

For the one of the tiger and the leopard he told me that I should make it look a little bit more balanced so he helped me with that, and we tilted the animals’ heads a little bit more to give the illustration an action curve. Here it is:

page 3b.jpg

Finally for the illustration of the whales, he suggested I should make the baby whale lighter than the momma whale. He explained that in the Renaissance they used to paint women and babies lighter than men because that symbolized that they stayed at home while men were darker because they went to work outside. This is how it looks now:

Page 6b



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