Internship ~ Day 10

Today I just worked on adjusting some things with my last illustrations. The one that I felt wasn’t working was the one with the octopus and the ink.

I felt that the ink was too gray, but ink is normally black so I didn’t know what color or what shape to use for it. I decided to stick with the shape but change the color.

Then I realized that the octopus, even though the original color was a dark purple, had to be changed to a different value of purple. I played around with different shades of purple and pink and finally got one color. I feel that the color is working better, however I still feel that the illustration lacks of something, I just don’t know what it is. I’ll wait until I meet with my mentor on Monday to see what he recommends me to do.

Here is the new version of the illustration:

Page 5.2


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