Internship ~ Days 7 & 8

In the last couple days I have been working on more of the illustrations for the sample book. It has been a little challenging because I need to not put any background but I’ve been trying to put grass on the floor and things in the sky as well. I’m trying to use the same shapes and animals than in the original drawings, however I’ve been trying to make the figures more fun and envolved with the rest of the illustration.

I know I haven’t been doing it before, but I’m going to start attaching an image of the original drawing and then my illustrations.

Here is the one I did yesterday:


page 3

I kept the animals and the tree, however I didn’t painted the moon and stars because it was going to look too crowded. It has been challenging to stick to the format (8×8) because it is squared instead of rectangular as in the original drawing.

Sometimes I run into the feeling that I don’t like the finished illustration enough and that I have to keep working on it, however I get to the point where I don’t know what else to do or change. For this one, I feel that I don’t like the colors I used, but this is something I would have to talk about with my mentor so he can guide me through this process.

This is the illustration I worked on today:

hannah5page 4

I really don’t want to leave the space empty on the bottom so that is why I’ve been including grass on the images, however I don’t know how it is going to turn out when all the images are collected in one book.

Rebecca tells me that I don’t need to worry too much on the details because this is just a sample book, however I want to do a good job. This is why i found that the meetings with my mentor are important because he tells me when things are working and when they aren’t, and he also gives me suggestions on how to make the images look better.

I’ve been trying to make all the illustrations work well together by using similar colors and ideas, but I don’t feel that there is a consistency on the saturation of the colors. I don’t know if that is something negative and to what extent I should/shouldn’t do it.



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