Internship ~ Day 6

Today I met with my mentor and he gave me some feedback about everything I’ve done so far.

I showed him each one of my illustrations and he commented different things on each. For the first illustration, the octopus one, he said that he would like to see more fish around the octopus’ head. I told him that I didn’t like how the sand looked like and asked him how I can fix it, so he told me to make it look like layers of sand, hiding things behind each layer. I also showed him how the cover will look with the title and all, and he suggested that I extend the sand to the sides, so I did it. Here is how it turned out:

cover 3

I really like how the sand turned out, I really think that it looks more like sand now.

For the second illustration, he told me that I need to be careful with the anatomy of the dogs, that even though they look cartoony they still need to look like dogs. He said that the dog in the right looks alright, but the yellow one in the left needed some work. He let me borrow a book that he had that shows the anatomy of different animals and that has been really helpful so far. He also told me that I need to keep in mind that there needs to be harmony in the illustration. He told me that the color harmony is working, but for example the sun’s “triangles” had to be more pointy like the ears of the dogs. So I changed that as well. Here is the finished illustration (though I would like to change one more thing):

page 1.3

For the third illustration, the Wild Kratts one, he told me that overall the illustration looks good, however he was wondering if we would have issues with copyright. He gave me a website that I should suggest to Rebecca so she could find out about possible copyright issues. I called her in the afternoon and asked her about that and she told me that maybe it would be better if we just get rid of that page. She told me that she felt bad because I’ve worked so hard on that illustration, but I told her that it is okay because it was a practice for me and a way to show myself that I can do hard things.



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