Internship ~ Day 5

Last night Rebecca emailed me saying that the illustration I did yesterday looks good but that it was missing something on the top, so I changed it and added a sun (that’s what she told me to do).

For today’s illustration the page that I was working on was tough! The text refers to these guys, the “Wild Kratts” and I had to go research so I could know what I was supposed to draw.

I ended up getting an image from google and just using it as color and outfit reference, and I made up the poses and the rest. I wanted to put enough detail on the image so that people who know who the Wild Kratts are would know that my illustration is depicting them.

Overall, the illustration took me about 4 hours to complete with researching time and practice drawing. Also the original drawing had a lot of things going on so I put them on as well.

Here are the finished illustration from yesterday and the one I did today:

page 1.2page 2


I realized that the second image was too tonal even though I used the same colors from my reference picture. So I changed them to match better with the rest of the illustrations:

page 2.3


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