Internship ~ Day 4

I got an email back from my supervisor (Rebecca) telling me that she loved the cover illustration that I did for the book. She also said that Hannah, her little girl and the writer, also loved it. She told me she was amazed on how fast I got that done, which made me feel more confident about my work.

Today she also emailed me saying that she wants me to send her a copy of each illustration one by one as soon as I get them done so she can plan in how to place them, scale them, and other things that they need to get done before the book is printed out.

I worked on the illustration of page 1, and I found it a little bit hard because I wanted to keep the original colors used for Hannah’s drawings but because Rebecca wanted me to make the background white, the yellow animals from the original drawing were hard to see with that background. I decided I was going to change the colors and values to ones that matched better and that looked good, and I also made the image more interesting by adding some action onto the animals.

I just finished emailing Rebecca the illustration I did today and I told her that I’m open to suggestions. So I just need to wait until she replies back.

Without saying more, here is the illustration of the day:

page 1


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