Internship ~ Day 2

I worked on more sketches for the logo. It was hard to come up with even more ideas, but I think I got better options this time. Yesterday I felt that my ideas were limited because I was using references especially for the drawings of the book, but today I tried to be a little bit more creative and come up with my own ideas, something that I haven’t found online yet. So I really think I got better ones on this page.

I emailed them tonight to my supervisor and I’ll wait until her response tomorrow. I hope she finds good options among these 24 sketches.


Today I also worked on 3 sketches for 5 illustrations. It took me a while to get them done but I finally finished them. I had a hard time coming up with new ideas, so what I chose to do was to draw a similar idea with different scenarios.

I realized that illustrating a book is harder than I thought. It takes a lot of work just to do the first sketches because you need to actually think about all the principles of design plus the ideas that you want to put into paper. The process is very challenging because you need to be creative.

My sketches are very detailed ones. That might be the reason why they took me so long to finish. I was thinking that 3 sketches were going to take me about half an hour but they took me a little bit more than an hour. So working on 15 of them in a day and very detailed was challenging for me.

Something that I appreciated is that even though I feel that my brain and hands got tired of drawing and sketching my ideas, I liked what I was doing and I really felt that time flew away while I was doing it.

In my sketches for my first illustration I started with a whole picture of the environment so that the next illustrations/sketches where every time more and more zoomed in describing better the action that was going on. I also created a template in Photoshop for the sketches so that they look more professional than just doing them in a sketchbook.

So here they are:



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