Internship ~ Day 1

Today I officially started my internship. In the morning I woke up and talked on the phone with my supervisor, she told me she was going to assign me my first project. During the internship I’m going to illustrate a book, however the story is not done yet so I won’t be able to start until a couple weeks from now. Because of this reason, I’ll be working on two different projects. The first one is to give the organization a new logo and that is what I was working on today. My supervisor didn’t tell me how many sketches she wanted me to give her, but I still did 12 of them today.

It actually took me longer than expected because my ideas weren’t flowing easily and I was trying to think outside of the box and be more creative but I found myself stuck in the same ideas. I’m planning to work in more ideas tomorrow.

The project that I’ll do after I finish this one is to illustrate a sample book so they can print it out and check how all that process is going to work once the official book is done and illustrated.

I also sketched today for a few hours for another book that I’ll be illustrating that is for a different client. This other book has been helping me to practice and get real life experience on this field. I’m kind of nervous because I will be actually illustrating two children’s book this summer break, but I think I will learn a lot from this experience.

My supervisor is really nice, we haven’t had the chance to meet each other personally, so we’ve been emailing each other and talking on the phone for the last two months (since I found out about this opportunity where I’m going to illustrate a book that will actually get published). We will meet in person this week and then we will be doing it weekly to check out my progress throughout this internship.

Because I’m doing this somewhat remotely, I realized today that I need to plan better for the day so I found enough time to do all the work I need to do and be ready for unexpected circumstances. Today has been an interesting day, I’ve been busy drawing and getting this blog ready to start. I hope the rest of this summer I learn to schedule better my time so I can not only finish the work I need to get done, but also be able to get some errands done and house chores.

This is a picture of the sketches that I did today for the logo for Humanity Books. I really try to make it look more like a logo than an illustration and I found that very difficult, but I hope that is good enough.




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